In Memory

This site is dedicated to men and women who were responsible for one of the most beloved iconic publications of the American Southwest. From it humble beginnings atop the Santa Rosa Mountains with founders Randall Henderson and J Wilson McKenney, through the glory years with Jack and Choral Pepper and finally ending with the American Desert magazine courtesy of Joan Brooks. To complete the series we have also included issues of the new Dezert magazine which is a new generation of dedicated desert enthusiasts. Desert magazine has been a staple of information to many a wandering passionist. With tales and stories that include wildlife, botany, travel, history, Native American culture and western folklore, they covered it all and then some. Stretching from 1937 to 1993 People from multiple generations have come to depend on the information provided to help them find their favorite lost treasures. Be it a old Nevada ghost town, or a magnificent reminder of mother natures hard work, such as Delicate Arch in Utah, you will find it somewhere within these pages. Simply said, your adventure starts here….

To continue this tradition and to also make these issues available to the next generation of outdoor lovers, we have included each and every issue for your pleasure. You can read, print, send or download any issue of your choice, and it is all provided at no cost. Our only hope is that you will also come to enjoy them as much as we have and share their adventures with family and friends…




If you are an original writer or related to someone who has written for Desert magazine in the past, or even if you were a neighbor or friend, we would surely like to talk to you. When we have the ability to locate some of the early writers and or their family, we feel that it is our duty to tell your story. You would be surprised at just how people are wondering what they have been up to after all these years. So if this is you, please drop us a line, we look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

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